July 09

Review: HelloTalk app (iPhone)

One of the newest resources I’m using on my iPhone is an app called HelloTalk. It is basically a messenger where you can find people who want to practice languages. My latest project is Levantine Arabic dialect and the most important thing in any language learning is to actually use the language and try to communicate.

This morning for example I chatted with a guy who works for the Goethe Institute in Amman, Jordan. He wants to practice and perfect his German and I want to try and use my Arabic. The same of course can be done with other messengers, but the big advantage of this app is that everyone else is keen on learning a language. It is also convenient because it’s a mobile app and you don’t have to sit in front of your computer to have a chat.


  • practice with native speakers
  • very convenient, fast interface
  • finds language partners for you who are online at any given time
  • you can record little sentences for each other to check for pronunciation


  • only for iPhone right now
  • the integrated translation service does not work very well