Monthly Archives: August 2013

August 08

Learning Brazilian Portuguese

About a month ago I started learning Brazilian Portuguese. As a girl I had a bit of a crush on Ayrton Senna, amongst a whole slew of men who decorated my teenage bedroom at one point or another. That one came about because my dad loved Formula 1 and I loved my dad and so […]

August 04

Why is does the table have a gender?!

One thing that I see and hear over and over again is the question why when it comes to studying a language. ¬†Why does the table have a gender? Why is there such a thing as declensions? Why do I need this personal pronoun here? Why are there two verbs to say the same thing? […]

August 01

my ten year anniversary

Today is Swiss National Day. Happy 722nd Birthday, Switzerland! In a couple of weeks it’ll be 10 years since I moved to Canada. My plan was to move here for a year and… here I am. One thing I sometimes ponder in regards to languages is my lack of fluency in my own native language. […]