October 26

this is not confusing at all


In German this is a Tasse and in Spanish it is a taza:


In Portuguese a taça (de vinho) is this:



Now in Spanish this is called a copa (de vino), or sometimes a vaso (de vino). A regular Spanish vaso looks like this:



In German a Vase looks like this:



A Portuguese vaso and the English vase also look like this. But in Spanish it is called a florero. A florero made out of glass is called a florero de vidrio.

Oddly enough the Spanish vidrio, the Portuguese vidro, the English glass and the German Glas can all mean both of these:



Now a German Pokal looks like this:


In Portuguese this is a taça (de campeão), sometimes also called a copo. In Spanish it is a copa (trofeo). And in English it is a cup. But then an English cup is also this:


Which is a xícara in Portuguese. Or a taza in Spanish and a Tasse in German. Because remember the Spanish copa looks like this:




Like I said, not confusing at all.