November 13

What would you do?

So yesterday my friend asked me a very simple question and I had no answer. I can’t stop thinking about it, because I think this indicates a rather sad state of affairs and maybe it’s time for some introspective.

As most of you probably know, I struggle with an injured shoulder that won’t quite heal the way it’s supposed to. It’s been bugging me for about a year now and 2 surgeries later, most days I still feel like I just hit the big 70 and struggle to put on the dreaded bra. (Seriously, I’ve invested a small fortune in bras that can be done up one handed and you know what? It can’t be done one handed if you can’t raise your arm either.) Not for the first time I have thought about alternatives as far as my work is concerned because what I do is not exactly helpful to the whole healing process. So yesterday I had a beer with my friend and was having a bit of a pity party. She said to me: ‘If you could do anything in the world, regardless of how much time, effort and money it takes, what would you do?’

And the answer is, I don’t know. How can I not know what my dream job would be? How sad is that? As much as I love learning languages, I don’t think I’d want to do it professionally. I enjoy it because I can do it in my own time. Same goes for travelling and a whole lot of stuff I enjoy as a hobby, not as a professional career. If there happens to be such a thing as a professional traveller, I’m sure I’d get sick of it. I’d like to take a bunch of linguistics or history courses, but mostly for general interest rather than something I want to pursue long term. The only thing I did enjoy more than anything ever, was the medical volunteer trips. I’ve been to Guatemala, Honduras, India and Nepal working with kids and I loved it. But apart for the obvious $ issue, I’m not sure I’d want to do that nonstop either. Though it is entirely possible that I think too much about stuff like that.

Always, let me ask you, if you could do anything in the world, regardless of time, effort and money, what would you?