April 02

The long overdue blog post

I have not actually disappeared off the face of the earth, but I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. A month ago I went for my third and *hopefully* final surgery to put my shoulder back together. They cut tendons, drilled holes into bone and screwed it together and it feels about as it sounds. By far the most painful one yet and also the most annoying, because for six weeks I cannot use my left arm or hand at all. If you’ve ever tried to put on a sock on, zip up a jacket or do your hair one-handed you know how terribly inconvenient this is.

On top of that I also decided to go back to university and complete my degree. I’m looking at 6 months of rehab and about a year for full strength and full time work, so I figured I should use that time. I got a pretty decent block transfer for my Swiss education, so an undergrad degree isn’t too far off. Judging by this wretched shoulder I’ll be looking at a career change soon-ish anyways, so I want to get a headstart now and get a degree that is recognized here and save me further trouble of evaluating my credentials.

Now these are pretty good excuses, but still no reason to not speak or even read a word of Spanish or Portuguese. I kept up with just the Skype lessons until a couple of weeks ago. Then I cancelled them all and haven’t been able to motivate myself to set them up again. The main reasons being that I can’t type and do homework, that I cannot hold a book to study and my back is sore enough from the sling that hours sitting at the desk isn’t something I want to do. That and because I’m rather cranky. Actually I think the last one is the actual reason. So this is where I need a kick in the butt. What better time to hop on Skype and talk to people for practice? I’m home most of the day, I’m bored and yet I can’t get it done.

Recognizing the problem is the first step they say, we shall see…