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January 20

The CPE results are in

Just a quick post to conclude the CPE posts here, here and here. I passed the exam with flying colours and an official grade A. Yay! I don’t have any individual points for the tasks, but there’s a neat little graph to illustrate the results. According to that Listening was the best, closely followed by Use […]

December 05

Cambridge Proficiency Exam – Written

Today was the second part of the CPE. The day started really early and thanks to my shoulder and a lack of a proper schedule, getting up at the crack of dawn (or in fact well before dawn) is not fun. And it’s especially tough when it’s -5C outside. But I was on time bright-eyed […]

December 02

Cambridge Proficiency Exam – Speaking

Today was the speaking portion of the CPE and let me tell you, even though I speak English all day, every day I’m very glad it is done and over with. We were a group of three and I’m pretty confident that we did well. The first part is intros, ‘who are you?’, ‘what do […]

November 20

T minus 12 days

The Cambridge Proficiency Exam is less than two weeks away and I’ve found a real gap of knowledge. It seems that most of the time I can ‘hear’ the correct grammar choice for a sentence. I seem to just know, but there’s one thing I consistently can’t do. Phrases like: I feel lucky to have/having […]

October 26

this is not confusing at all

  In German this is a Tasse and in Spanish it is a taza: In Portuguese a taça (de vinho) is this:   Now in Spanish this is called a copa (de vino), or sometimes a vaso (de vino). A regular Spanish vaso looks like this:   In German a Vase looks like this:   A […]

September 29

the long overdue update

Wow, it’s been ages since I posted. I started this blog with all the best intentions and then life got in the way big time. It’s been a crazy month or so with another shoulder surgery for me, a hospital stay for my cat and my boyfriend leaving on a two month assignment in Asia. […]

August 01

my ten year anniversary

Today is Swiss National Day. Happy 722nd Birthday, Switzerland! In a couple of weeks it’ll be 10 years since I moved to Canada. My plan was to move here for a year and… here I am. One thing I sometimes ponder in regards to languages is my lack of fluency in my own native language. […]