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October 26

this is not confusing at all

  In German this is a Tasse and in Spanish it is a taza: In Portuguese a taça (de vinho) is this:   Now in Spanish this is called a copa (de vino), or sometimes a vaso (de vino). A regular Spanish vaso looks like this:   In German a Vase looks like this:   A […]

October 23

goal setting in portuguese

So much for being more active again. Recovery of the surgery is slow and I’m still in a sling all day and night and dressing myself still is the worst torture known to mankind. I’m also almost always within reach of the ice machine, and no, not the kind that gives ice cubes for the […]

September 29

the long overdue update

Wow, it’s been ages since I posted. I started this blog with all the best intentions and then life got in the way big time. It’s been a crazy month or so with another shoulder surgery for me, a hospital stay for my cat and my boyfriend leaving on a two month assignment in Asia. […]

August 08

Learning Brazilian Portuguese

About a month ago I started learning Brazilian Portuguese. As a girl I had a bit of a crush on Ayrton Senna, amongst a whole slew of men who decorated my teenage bedroom at one point or another. That one came about because my dad loved Formula 1 and I loved my dad and so […]