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January 27

Pinche Taco Shop

Haha, well that gave me a good chuckle earlier today. This is a small local chain selling authentic Mexican tacos (as opposed to the American variety with is a crunchy little thing with roughly three pounds of cheese per serving).      Pinche – According to the RAE pinche means kitchen help in Spain. In […]

October 26

this is not confusing at all

  In German this is a Tasse and in Spanish it is a taza: In Portuguese a taça (de vinho) is this:   Now in Spanish this is called a copa (de vino), or sometimes a vaso (de vino). A regular Spanish vaso looks like this:   In German a Vase looks like this:   A […]

July 24

so how did I learn Spanish?

About 18 or so month ago I injured my shoulder quite badly and had a little too much time on my hands. I’ve always had an interest in Spanish and the culture and for whatever reason I always understood a fair bit even though I’ve never actually had a lesson in my life. So when […]