December 05

Cambridge Proficiency Exam – Written

Today was the second part of the CPE. The day started really early and thanks to my shoulder and a lack of a proper schedule, getting up at the crack of dawn (or in fact well before dawn) is not fun. And it’s especially tough when it’s -5C outside. But I was on time bright-eyed […]

December 02

Cambridge Proficiency Exam – Speaking

Today was the speaking portion of the CPE and let me tell you, even though I speak English all day, every day I’m very glad it is done and over with. We were a group of three and I’m pretty confident that we did well. The first part is intros, ‘who are you?’, ‘what do […]

November 21

How to find a great online teacher

I’ve mentioned a few times now that I study a lot with online teachers, or Skype teachers as I like to call them. For me personally this is by far the most effective way to study. Well, one on one in person may be the best way. With a good teacher the biggest advantage is […]

November 20

T minus 12 days

The Cambridge Proficiency Exam is less than two weeks away and I’ve found a real gap of knowledge. It seems that most of the time I can ‘hear’ the correct grammar choice for a sentence. I seem to just know, but there’s one thing I consistently can’t do. Phrases like: I feel lucky to have/having […]

November 13

What would you do?

So yesterday my friend asked me a very simple question and I had no answer. I can’t stop thinking about it, because I think this indicates a rather sad state of affairs and maybe it’s time for some introspective. As most of you probably know, I struggle with an injured shoulder that won’t quite heal […]

October 26

this is not confusing at all

  In German this is a Tasse and in Spanish it is a taza: In Portuguese a taça (de vinho) is this:   Now in Spanish this is called a copa (de vino), or sometimes a vaso (de vino). A regular Spanish vaso looks like this:   In German a Vase looks like this:   A […]

October 23

goal setting in portuguese

So much for being more active again. Recovery of the surgery is slow and I’m still in a sling all day and night and dressing myself still is the worst torture known to mankind. I’m also almost always within reach of the ice machine, and no, not the kind that gives ice cubes for the […]