April 02

The long overdue blog post

I have not actually disappeared off the face of the earth, but I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. A month ago I went for my third and *hopefully* final surgery to put my shoulder back together. They cut tendons, drilled holes into bone and screwed it together and it feels about as it sounds. By […]

January 27

Pinche Taco Shop

Haha, well that gave me a good chuckle earlier today. This is a small local chain selling authentic Mexican tacos (as opposed to the American variety with is a crunchy little thing with roughly three pounds of cheese per serving).      Pinche – According to the RAE pinche means kitchen help in Spain. In […]

January 20

The CPE results are in

Just a quick post to conclude the CPE posts here, here and here. I passed the exam with flying colours and an official grade A. Yay! I don’t have any individual points for the tasks, but there’s a neat little graph to illustrate the results. According to that Listening was the best, closely followed by Use […]

January 15


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Duolingo, but I’m happy to say I introduced both my parents to it over the xmas break and they seemed keen. They both have taken English classes for years, so they’re not total beginners, but I think it’ll  help them. They take a class once a […]

January 10

a few impressions from Norway

My brain is still only semi functioning after another long flight and a jet lag from hell. I had a great trip, no drama with the family and if you knew my family, you’d know what an amazing feat that is. It was nice to see everyone and spend some time at home. It’s weird […]

December 21

Happy Holidays

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and all the best for 2014! I was going to make a post about Christmas in Switzerland, alas I have left everything to the last minute and as I was about to start packing, I realized that it would probably be much better if I did the laundry first. And […]

December 14

Lack of support

There is something that has been puzzling me for a while. Why are people not supportive of language learning? Just yesterday I was talking to my mom and we were talking about the fact that I still have more free time than I want due to that shoulder (broken record I know…) and I said […]